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Dr. Mu’tasim Al-Ali

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Join us for a journey through the Arabic language in the blessed month of Ramadan.

This course is dedicated to honing your ability to communicate effectively through a well-structured and engaging curriculum. Over the sessions, you’ll navigate essential vocabulary and dive into diverse topics, setting the stage for significant improvement in your conversational prowess.

Course Overview

1. Course Focus: Developing Speaking Skills

2. Content Overview:
– Explore fundamental vocabulary
– Delve into various topics for conversational improvement

3. Methodology:
– Incorporate listening comprehension
– Ensure well-rounded language development

4. Lesson Style:
– Highly interactive sessions
– Teacher encouragement to apply learned vocabulary
– Construct sentences actively in discussions

5. Resources:
– Access to the online book and additional materials

By actively participating in the interactive lessons, constructing sentences, and engaging in discussions, you will have a more confident and engaging understanding of the Arabic language. We pray this course is a beneficial and blessed endeavour towards your language experience.

In our Arabic-speaking course, students will learn to communicate effectively in Arabic, with a focus on developing spoken language skills. Here's what you can expect to learn in our course:

*1. Vocabulary Building:*
- Acquire a broad vocabulary of common Arabic words and phrases.
- Learn essential everyday expressions and greetings.

*2. Conversational Arabic:*
- Engage in spoken Arabic conversations in real-life scenarios.
- Practice asking and answering questions, discussing topics, and expressing opinions.

*3. Cultural Awareness:*
- Gain insights into Arabic culture, customs, and traditions.
- Understand the cultural context of Arabic expressions and gestures.

*4. Listening Comprehension:*
- Improve your ability to understand spoken Arabic by engaging with a native speaker.

*5. Role-Playing and Scenarios:*
- Engage in role-playing exercises to simulate real-life conversations.
- Practice scenarios like introducing yourself, asking for directions, or making small talk.

*6. Practical Application:*
- Apply your language skills in practical situations, such as travelling, socializing, or conducting business in Arabic-speaking regions.

*7. Resources and Support:*
- Access to language learning materials and online resources.

Overall, our Arabic-speaking course aims to equip you with the skills and confidence to communicate effectively in Arabic, whether for religious, professional, or travel purposes.

Each lesson will be an hour and a half (12 hours for the full course).


Dr. Mu'tasim Al-Ali

About Teacher

Dr. Mu’tasim Al-Ali, a seasoned Arabic educator with more than 20 years of experience, hails from Qamishli, Syria.

Having completed his masters and PhD specialising in teaching the Arabic language to non native speakers, he continued teaching for a number of years in universities across Turkey and Cyprus such as the University of Istanbul (faculty of theology) as well as Uludağ university (faculty of Islamic sciences) in Bursa.

He currently resides in Germany where he continues to teach Arabic to a number of international students.

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Review From Our Students

See what our students have to say about their experience!

Ustadha Ruba was great. I really enjoyed the Arabic course, ustadha made lessons very stimulating and fun.

    Huria Salimee
    Huria Salimee


    The course exceeded my expectations as I was unsure what to expect by choosing a course I wasn’t recommended or could read reviews about.



      I will recommend to anyone I know looking to speak Arabic.

        Rin Roche
        Rin Roche


        I actually was not able to attend any class live, so being able to watch from recorded sessions was very helpful, thank you.

          Stephanie Rees
          Stephanie Rees


          The class was fantastic. The Ustadh was very polite, very knowledgeable and I felt as if I was able to interact well. I will definitely be looking at more courses to do with this institute.

             Tabassum Ifzal
            Tabassum Ifzal


            Maybe a little bit slower but it was really good allahumabarik I enjoyed it a lot.

              Lulu Abu bakar
              Lulu Abu bakar


              The teacher was excellent, and the student participation was very useful for us to practice. Sometimes I wish we had more time to go over the lesson. I think if lessons were a tiny bit longer, or perhaps 2 seperate lessons throughout the week, it would be helpful. It was a very fun, and engaging way to learn Arabic, it has grown my confidence in speaking already, and I hope to continue inshallah.

                Omara Shah
                Omara Shah