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Ustadh Furqan Ahmed

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Course Overview

Our Arabic Speaking Course is designed specifically for young adults, offering a vibrant and engaging environment that makes learning fun and effective. Over the six weeks, students will build foundational skills in reading and writing, with a strong focus on developing their spoken language abilities.

To ensure each student gets the most out of the course, we keep our class sizes small. This approach encourages active participation and allows for personalized attention, helping every student to confidently practice and improve their Arabic.

Don’t miss this opportunity to give your child a head start in mastering Arabic. Enroll today and watch them thrive in a supportive and interactive setting!

Students will cover book 1 of the "Miftaah Al Arabiyya" series that will cover a range of day to day activities.

Students will receive access to the book through our online portal so they can follow along during classes.

Our curriculum will include:

1. Introduction to Arabic:
- Basic letters and sounds
- Simple vocabulary and phrases
- Fundamentals of grammar

2. Building Vocabulary and Conversation:
- Everyday vocabulary
- Forming sentences
- Basic conversations

3. Reading Skills:
- Short stories and passages
- Arabic script basics

4. Interactive Activities:
- Audiovisual exercises
- Role-playing and dialogues
- Language games

5. Cultural Immersion:
- Islamic traditions and customs
- Cultural and religious context of the language

6. Quranic Arabic:
- Quranic vocabulary and phrases
- Comprehending verses
- Religious context

7. Review and Reinforcement:
- Regular review sessions
- Self-paced learning
- Revisiting challenging material

The course aims to provide students with an immersive, interactive approach to learning Arabic, improve speaking and reading comprehension using audiovisual components, and ultimately offer a deeper understanding of the Quran


Ustadh Furqan Ahmed

About Teacher

Having lived and studied in several countries across the Arab world, Ustadh Furqan has developed a profound understanding of Arabic and the Islamic sciences.

He has dedicated years to immersing himself in diverse cultural and educational settings, gaining unique insights and a comprehensive grasp of his subjects. His academic journey includes rigorous studies at various institutions across countries such as Yemen, where he completed the reading of the seven canonical readings of the Quran (qiraat), and Turkey, where he finished a five-year Alimiyya course at the renowned Abu Hanifa Institute.

Through his travels and studies, Ustadh Furqan has interacted with numerous scholars and students, enriching his knowledge and teaching methods.

He currently resides in Istanbul, where he teaches Islamic sciences at the Al Falaah Madrasa.

Have any further questions?

Feel free to reach out to our team and we’ll be happy to assist you with any queries you may have